Bedtime Stories for Haunted Children

June’s life was very hard. Her mother was sick, and this sickness made her cry all day. It made her have to lie down for long hours, staring at the ceiling. June’s mother dragged herself through life, from the food pantry to their little apartment and, once a month, to the doctor, a man who…More

A House With a Hole in its Heart

 Paul woke up to a buzzing sound and wondered, “Is this me?” The question wasn’t whether or not he was making the noise. The question was whether or not the sound was inside of him. It could have been a dream, or worse, that he was hearing something that wasn’t audible to anyone but him.…More

Rittenhouse: Party Clown Pepe the Frog

I have a giant wound in my neck and chest because I am taking the first of many steps toward becoming a cyborg who is addicted to opiates.  This is exciting, as I love the state of non-living brought on by propofol and the all-encompassing excuse not to do anything that is provided by ambulatory…More

The Obvious Utility of A Riot: Fuck You, Elon

The 1990’s was a militant time for the non-institutional left, and while the mainstream environmental movement was fucking around with annual appeals, the grassroots was engaging in a protracted campaign of economic sabotage against financial interests responsible for the despoilation of the environment and brutality towards animals.  There was a great deal of cultural exchange…More

The Veracity of Dreams

Reflections on prophecy and speculation in agricultural markets Transcript I will not offer myself to you as a seer. I will offer myself as a liar, and a person who has thought of lies and studied lies, believed them and then saw the truths beneath. I will begin by telling you: I was tired of…More

Critical Race Theory: The Further Evolution of the American Moron

The ‘critical race theory’ idiocy in the United States and the histrionic dumbness of goon parents at school board meetings isn’t remotely close to new.  I watched a less grand in scale but still wildly stupid series of initiatives play out in Tucson, Arizona (circa 2010) surrounding a Mexican American Studies program. The curriculum was…More

Please Be Unhappy

I was trying to do a thing recently and discovered that I couldn’t. This is a thing that I immediately and abruptly hate myself for. It’s happened quite a few times, just a full on meltdown, and because I am lucky and have people who will deal with my misery I generally park myself in…More


Two copper pirates excavate the past and gain insight into the nature of the mental health system. Transcript [Sound of saw. Clanging of metal. Then trailing off.]  [Footsteps.]  James: I’m feeling okay about this. Pull this out of the wall, throw it in the trailer, at the yard tomorrow. But could you stop digging through…More

Psychedelic Therapy with Reservation Dogs

It is far more likely that a person encounters the FX series Reservation Dogs than reads what I have to say, but, if you haven’t, or haven’t watched, I’ll tell you what you’re missing. Tons of spoilers to follow.  I few days ago I took mushrooms. I’ve done this many times in my life. On…More