In Case I Die: Godfatherhood

Hey buddy, You’re asthma is all messed up today. I’m super sorry. It sucks that someone whose chief joy in life is constant motion has lungs that push back like they do. Anyway… I’m your godfather. I don’t know if you know that. Your upbringing hasn’t involved any church, save a funeral here and there.…More

Novel Excerpt: Interstices

A few years ago I started a novel, made it about 200 pages in, and abandoned it for other projects. Here’s an excerpt. If you like it, drop me a line and let me know. Feeling like people have an interest makes it easier to keep going with this sort of thing – CJC Melantha…More

In Case I Die: Kurt Cobain

Hey buddy, I was driving east from Queens last week and it took three hours to move thirty miles. If I was riding a horse that would be impressive, but I was driving an automobile. I wasn’t impressed at all.  This turned into a brief existential crisis. I’ve driven east and west during Long Island…More

In Case I Die: Cola Boyy/Rogovin

Hey buddy,  A couple of years ago you got the sense that something was wrong with me. A couple of years is a huge span of time for a kid under ten. It wasn’t clear to me how best to explain it. The best I could come up with was to say that I had…More

In Case I Die: Jojo Rabbit

Hey buddy, Okay. Here we are. 2028. The world hasn’t ended and there’s enough energy infrastructure left to make it the case that it’s possible to watch movies.  Which brings me around to an important question: Have you watched Jojo Rabbit yet? You have to. This letter is going to ruin the whole thing, because…More

Letters to my Nephew (in the Event of my Death): Cognitive Suicide

Hey buddy,  That’s a pretty sick bass solo, huh? Wait… did you listen to this through laptop speakers? Unacceptable. Find some decent headphones and listen to it again. That’s my favorite band, Propagandhi. I’m sure I’ve been forcing you to listen to them for years (unless, you know… I’m not around), and it’s possible I’ve succeeded,…More

Letters to My Nephew (In the Event of My Death): Tinariwen

Hey buddy,  I feel like I have useful things to tell you, and most of them won’t be appropriate to share for six years at a minimum. Since there is a non-zero probability that I will die between now and then, I thought I’d write them down.  So, this video… We watched it together in…More

The Ottawa Convoy

That trucker convoy in Ottawa, huh?  Anti-vaccine sentiment is the lingua franca of right-wing politics, and militant organizations are actively seeking to capitalize on it, and it’s inane but also true to state that none of this would have gone very far without a media conglomerate hammering home talking points and directing resources towards mass…More

Dear Friends and Neighbors: We Need to Talk About These COVID Conspiracies

Dear fellow downwardly mobile, declassed and deskilled middle-aged suburban white kids,  I get you. Our lives didn’t all turn out the same but I imagine there are common threads. Our demographic being what it is, a fair number of us just barely avoided a heroin overdose, ended up one DWI short of a prison stretch,…More

American Monuments

VOICEMAIL PROMPT: At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, press one for more options.  NARRATOR:  Hey bud. Just wanted to hear your voice. I am getting sick of paying your phonebill though. I’ve been sitting here, not much going on. Wanted to talk at you for a minute.  You probably…More