Critical Race Theory: The Further Evolution of the American Moron

The ‘critical race theory’ idiocy in the United States and the histrionic dumbness of goon parents at school board meetings isn’t remotely close to new.  I watched a less grand in scale but still wildly stupid series of initiatives play out in Tucson, Arizona (circa 2010) surrounding a Mexican American Studies program. The curriculum was…More

Please Be Unhappy

I was trying to do a thing recently and discovered that I couldn’t. This is a thing that I immediately and abruptly hate myself for. It’s happened quite a few times, just a full on meltdown, and because I am lucky and have people who will deal with my misery I generally park myself in…More


Two copper pirates excavate the past and gain insight into the nature of the mental health system.More

Psychedelic Therapy with Reservation Dogs

It is far more likely that a person encounters the FX series Reservation Dogs than reads what I have to say, but, if you haven’t, or haven’t watched, I’ll tell you what you’re missing. Tons of spoilers to follow.  I few days ago I took mushrooms. I’ve done this many times in my life. On…More

Reflections on Reaching the Statistical Half-Way Point of a Human Life

“You’re good, so you ain’t got nothing to worry about. Just stay that way. You’re gonna want to give up. You’re gonna want to start drinking, become a shitass. […] So I guess what I’m saying is be good. Fight evil. You do that and you’ll never, ever have to see me again. Oh… my…More

Drug Proles

I almost got a PhD. This statement is both pathetic, in that it is a statement about failure, and funny, because academic failure is funny in a self-deprecating and hopeless way. The whole process was stupid and I’m certain that it took me being stupid to set the whole thing in motion. But it’s also…More


A slow march through a long winter in a forgotten place in America.More

Bureaucracy and Psychedelia

I wonder what will become of psychedelia. After a lifetime’s banishment from the clinic the substances we care for, and often venerate, have returned to the framework of grant funding and legal sanction. I don’t think this is a thing to fight but I do think it’s a thing to think about. I’m grateful. Seeing how…More

The Lyndon Larouche Exhibit at Jurassic Park

I recall an event that occurred almost twenty years ago, in which Harry Cleaver, a notable figure in autonomist Marxism, called New York ‘the land of dinosaurs’. What he meant was that leftist currents that had died out years ago were still viable here. I don’t think anyone could foresee that the internet would provide…More

Fullmetal Class War

I am a forty year old man here to tell you all about the political economy of an animated television program primarily marketed to adolescents. But my adolescence hasn’t ended in any significant way, so I’m perfect for this. Since I’m neither Japanese nor a good researcher, there won’t be any sweeping discussions of a…More