Rittenhouse: Party Clown Pepe the Frog

I have a giant wound in my neck and chest because I am taking the first of many steps toward becoming a cyborg who is addicted to opiates. 

This is exciting, as I love the state of non-living brought on by propofol and the all-encompassing excuse not to do anything that is provided by ambulatory surgery. 

This allowed me to binge-watch the second season of The Boys, and I thought it was ‘super’ (ha!?). Hard to argue with a deep and thorough exploration of the pathology of the most powerful human being to have ever existed. This is one of a few examples of a terrible comic book being adapted to film and television emerging as something that doesn’t suck. 

Which is a segue into the current reality television show called Rittenhouse in which Frank Castle, the Punisher is reimagined as an ugly, stupid mid-Western fascist. Will his violent impunity, so ethically correct in an American society degraded by Antifa cucks, be constrained by the rule of law? 

Probably not. No verdict out as of this morning. 

I don’t have anything to say as regards the conduct of the judge. Everyone saw it, even his weird whining about people not liking him because of his gross rulings.

As regards the outcome, I have a knee-jerk reaction, which is that this is an invitation to every militiaman and Marjorie Taylor Green to gun down protesters so that they may have an opportunity to experience the exhilarating thrill of 1) murder, 2) a successful Go Fund Me campaign, and 3) a cool experience gloating about the murder and Go Fund Me campaign in a shitty bar with Proud Boy trash. 

This is correct, of course. It is definitely a barometer for right-wingers to evaluate the weather before murdering people, but this is an ongoing process of exploring the bounds of impunity. The entire constellation of events that provide the context for the Rittenhouse trial is about impunity, as 2020’s uprisings coalesced around the fact that the police kill black people (and others) without any expectation of consequences. No matter what strategies and tactics emerge on the left in regard to the continuing impunity enjoyed by both police and the populist right, they will continue to kill until the crisis this provokes becomes untenable. 

I have a couple of knee-jerk sentiments that arise for me in this context, and I think both of them are not based on sound reasoning. The first is a standard “If they won’t fucking stop, then we’re gonna fucking stop them” (Which is a lyric from a Conflict song that might be objectionable so I’m going to squash my urge to post a link). While this is a good bit of bravado, I think it is the case that it is not tit-for-tat consequences that will discourage this, but 1) self-defense practices and 2) a continuation of the cycle of protest. And at least a part of this belief on my part is that these are already the most likely outcomes to emerge from the current lull. Summer is often the protest season and we’re just moving into winter now. 

Second is my desire to fall back on the belief that the police have some degree of investment in their monopoly on violence and will still arrest right-wingers when called upon to do so, inasmuch as they threaten this monopoly. 

This is inaccurate. The police subcontract all the time, and are more than happy to see relatively disposable people like Rittenhouse do their work for them. The point at which they create a crisis for the practices of policing is the point at which they will be repressed. 

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