Hi reader. I write about capitalism, the pathologies of authority, drugs and dead animals. I live in the Northeastern United States, enjoy finding things on the ground, and feel enthusiastic about the world being less of a nightmare. It is frequently the case that my brain hurts. I hope I’m a better person now than I have been in the past.

Some easy slogans that I agree with: Fuck Cops. No Gods, No Masters. Smash… All the stuff.

As for this blog’s name, it is pulled from an anonymous threatening letter, quoted by EP Thompson in “The Crime of Anonymity”, published in the edited collection Albion’s Fatal Tree: Crime and Society in 18th Century England. Threatening letters from this period are their own literary genre and are among the most pure expressions of resentment to have been committed to paper in the English language. Fun!

I’m happy to correspond, particulary about mushrooms, the tao that cannot be named, cartoons and that time that was the most fucked up you’ve ever been. You can reach me at grindyourheadinpowder@gmail.com.