Letters to My Nephew (In the Event of My Death): Tinariwen

Hey buddy,  I feel like I have useful things to tell you, and most of them won’t be appropriate to share for six years at a minimum. Since there is a non-zero probability that I will die between now and then, I thought I’d write them down.  So, this video… We watched it together in…More

The Ottawa Convoy

That trucker convoy in Ottawa, huh?  Anti-vaccine sentiment is the lingua franca of right-wing politics, and militant organizations are actively seeking to capitalize on it, and it’s inane but also true to state that none of this would have gone very far without a media conglomerate hammering home talking points and directing resources towards mass…More

Station Eleven and the Politics of Apocalypse Fiction

I was lucky enough to review a piece of writing by my brother-in-law last night. It was a treatment of the apocalypse as a concept and a power word, something imbued with such a crushing weight of significance that saying it out loud brings more than two thousand years to bear.  I think that for…More

Psychedelic Therapy and Corporate Profiteering

I have Google alerts set up for the term ‘psilocybin’ and very frequently what shows up in my inbox are stories regarding the boom dynamics that are unfolding in anticipation of a changed legal paradigm for psychedelics. Start-ups and venture capital are swarming a market that doesn’t exist yet, except in terms of stock prices. (For…More

Things I Like: I Am In Eskew

Horror fiction doesn’t feel all that effective to me anymore. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the many apocalypses we’re required to ignore. What’s scary? I don’t think of ghosts or demons when I walk through a darkened room, I think of being thrown off of Medicaid. How many evil beings that…More

Dune, Marx, Fascism and the Worst Story Ever Told

The old historian put the book aside and told him: “Sire, I can summarize the history of man for you so that you can understand it before you die: They were born, they suffered, they died.” -CLR James, quoting Anatole France in A History of Pan-African Revolt I’ve been a fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune…More

Police Violence: The Ghost of David

In my early twenties, a time in which I felt profoundly lost and in which feeling profoundly lost was still novel, a man I owed a great deal to and loved profoundly asked me to work at his law firm. He framed it in a way that allowed me to feel valued instead of unfortunate…More

Critical Race Theory: The Further Evolution of the American Moron

The ‘critical race theory’ idiocy in the United States and the histrionic dumbness of goon parents at school board meetings isn’t remotely close to new.  I watched a less grand in scale but still wildly stupid series of initiatives play out in Tucson, Arizona (circa 2010) surrounding a Mexican American Studies program. The curriculum was…More

Psychedelic Therapy with Reservation Dogs

It is far more likely that a person encounters the FX series Reservation Dogs than reads what I have to say, but, if you haven’t, or haven’t watched, I’ll tell you what you’re missing. Tons of spoilers to follow.  I few days ago I took mushrooms. I’ve done this many times in my life. On…More