In Case I Die: Jojo Rabbit

Hey buddy, Okay. Here we are. 2028. The world hasn’t ended and there’s enough energy infrastructure left to make it the case that it’s possible to watch movies.  Which brings me around to an important question: Have you watched Jojo Rabbit yet? You have to. This letter is going to ruin the whole thing, because…More

In Case I Die: Gay Stuff

Hey buddy,  That’s a pretty sick bass solo, huh? Wait… did you listen to this through laptop speakers? Unacceptable. Find some decent headphones and listen to it again. That’s my favorite band, Propagandhi. I’m sure I’ve been forcing you to listen to them for years (unless, you know… I’m not around), and it’s possible I’ve succeeded,…More

In Case I Die: Tinariwen

Hey buddy,  I feel like I have useful things to tell you, and most of them won’t be appropriate to share for six years at a minimum. Since there is a non-zero probability that I will die between now and then, I thought I’d write them down.  So, this video… We watched it together in…More

Dear Friends and Neighbors: We Need to Talk About These COVID Conspiracies

Dear fellow downwardly mobile, declassed and deskilled middle-aged suburban white kids,  I get you. Our lives didn’t all turn out the same but I imagine there are common threads. Our demographic being what it is, a fair number of us just barely avoided a heroin overdose, ended up one DWI short of a prison stretch,…More

American Monuments

VOICEMAIL PROMPT: At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, press one for more options.  NARRATOR:  Hey bud. Just wanted to hear your voice. I am getting sick of paying your phonebill though. I’ve been sitting here, not much going on. Wanted to talk at you for a minute.  You probably…More

A Story About Death and Dying for Children, sans Illustrations

Shane loved to feed the birds. He would watch out his window as the cardinals flew from the feeder with a single sunflower seed or a grackle shoveled its way through the mess looking for exactly the right morsel. One day he noticed a crow overhead, simply watching. Shane didn’t know why it chose to…More

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Station Eleven and the Politics of Apocalypse Fiction

I was lucky enough to review a piece of writing by my brother-in-law last night. It was a treatment of the apocalypse as a concept and a power word, something imbued with such a crushing weight of significance that saying it out loud brings more than two thousand years to bear.  I think that for…More

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Psychedelic Therapy and Corporate Profiteering

I have Google alerts set up for the term ‘psilocybin’ and very frequently what shows up in my inbox are stories regarding the boom dynamics that are unfolding in anticipation of a changed legal paradigm for psychedelics. Start-ups and venture capital are swarming a market that doesn’t exist yet, except in terms of stock prices. (For…More

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Rejecting Mother

Transcript: Intake Specialist : What do you mean when you say you ‘didn’t have much going for you?  Client: Just that. Not much of a future. I was plankton. Just drifting.  Intake Specialist : So late teens, early twenties… a bad time.  Client: Right. I left home early. I didn’t know how to do anything.…More

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Things I Like: I Am In Eskew

Horror fiction doesn’t feel all that effective to me anymore. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the many apocalypses we’re required to ignore. What’s scary? I don’t think of ghosts or demons when I walk through a darkened room, I think of being thrown off of Medicaid. How many evil beings that…More

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