Not Satan, Not Evil

Tyler walked through the woods and fought the urge to turn on his phone’s flashlight. Someone might see him if he did that. Also, it didn’t seem fitting for a Satanist to be afraid of the dark.  Not only was he a Satanist, he was also certain that he was evil, or at least getting…More

Police Violence: The Ghost of David

In my early twenties, a time in which I felt profoundly lost and in which feeling profoundly lost was still novel, a man I owed a great deal to and loved profoundly asked me to work at his law firm. He framed it in a way that allowed me to feel valued instead of unfortunate…More

Bedtime Stories for Haunted Children

June’s life was very hard. Her mother was sick, and this sickness made her cry all day. It made her have to lie down for long hours, staring at the ceiling. June’s mother dragged herself through life, from the food pantry to their little apartment and, once a month, to the doctor, a man who…More

A House With a Hole in its Heart

 Paul woke up to a buzzing sound and wondered, “Is this me?” The question wasn’t whether or not he was making the noise. The question was whether or not the sound was inside of him. It could have been a dream, or worse, that he was hearing something that wasn’t audible to anyone but him.…More

Uses of a Riot

The 1990’s was a militant time for the non-institutional left, and while the mainstream environmental movement was fucking around with annual appeals, the grassroots was engaging in a protracted campaign of economic sabotage against financial interests responsible for the despoilation of the environment and brutality towards animals.  There was a great deal of cultural exchange…More

In Case I Die: Toxic Comedy

Hey Buddy, There’s a ton of stuff that has already been said in regard to Dave Chappelle’s The Closer. I’ve read some of it but then I started to feel stupid about not paying attention to other things. I felt like I was up to date on the fact that he’s a shithead. But since…More

The Veracity of Dreams

Reflections on prophecy and speculation in agricultural markets Transcript I will not offer myself to you as a seer. I will offer myself as a liar, and a person who has thought of lies and studied lies, believed them and then saw the truths beneath. I will begin by telling you: I was tired of…More

Critical Race Theory: The Further Evolution of the American Moron

The ‘critical race theory’ idiocy in the United States and the histrionic dumbness of goon parents at school board meetings isn’t remotely close to new.  I watched a less grand in scale but still wildly stupid series of initiatives play out in Tucson, Arizona (circa 2010) surrounding a Mexican American Studies program. The curriculum was…More


Two copper pirates excavate the past and gain insight into the nature of the mental health system. Transcript [Sound of saw. Clanging of metal. Then trailing off.]  [Footsteps.]  James: I’m feeling okay about this. Pull this out of the wall, throw it in the trailer, at the yard tomorrow. But could you stop digging through…More

In Case I Die: Holy Shit, I’m 40.

“You’re good, so you ain’t got nothing to worry about. Just stay that way. You’re gonna want to give up. You’re gonna want to start drinking, become a shitass. […] So I guess what I’m saying is be good. Fight evil. You do that and you’ll never, ever have to see me again. [Whispered] Be…More