Drug Proles

I almost got a PhD. This statement is both pathetic, in that it is a statement about failure, and funny, because academic failure is funny in a self-deprecating and hopeless way. The whole process was stupid and I’m certain that it took me being stupid to set the whole thing in motion. But it’s also…More


A slow march through a long winter in a forgotten place in America. Transcript Narrator: Shit. How many toenails? How were there eleven? That’s not even how people cut their nails.  Okay. A weird story.  So yeah, I grew up way North on 91, between exits.  Adult Peanuts Character: Inaudible. Narrator: Well, you wouldn’t know…More

Bureaucracy and Psychedelia

I wonder what will become of psychedelia. After a lifetime’s banishment from the clinic the substances we care for, and often venerate, have returned to the framework of grant funding and legal sanction. I don’t think this is a thing to fight but I do think it’s a thing to think about. I’m grateful. Seeing how…More

Fullmetal Class War

I am a forty year old man here to tell you all about the political economy of an animated television program primarily marketed to adolescents. But my adolescence hasn’t ended in any significant way, so I’m perfect for this. Since I’m neither Japanese nor a good researcher, there won’t be any sweeping discussions of a…More

H.P. Class War: Cthulhu on the Barricades

“Oh my God, terrifying vistas of reality and our position therein are being opened up to us all. This is the worst thing that’s happened to mankind and in the studio they’ve opted for a new dark age but your commentator has gone stark staring mad.” New Dark Age by Rudimentary Peni.  It is fairly…More

How Can I Make My Suicide a Puzzling Event? Ask Marcum!

Today I got up earlier than I usually do. I had an appointment for an evaluation for disability benefits with a psychiatrist in the employ of an organization with the improbable and mildly horrifying name of Industrial Medical Associates. Every time I hear it I think of myself being moved along on a conveyor belt,…More

An Open Letter to Jane Mulkerrins

September 21, 2020 Dear Jane Mulkerrins,  I read with interest your article published in the Telegraph on September 19, 2020 entitled “How My New York Dream Has Turned Into a Violent Nightmare.” I frequently flip through the innocuous news feed on my phone as I migrate between the spaces that comprise my painful and disappointing…More